Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Feeling disgusted by objects around the house is a totally normal thing Caroline. Let me explain to you.

You are yourself, no one else, completely unique and immovable. There is nothing about you that is not personal to you and there is nothing about you that belongs to anyone else. You are yourself. However at the same time you are everyone else. You are part of the collective experience of all of us. You are nothing, totally lost and alone. These sexualised objects represent your cosmic labia; flapping against the power of the expectations of eroticism. Your fallopian tubes are full of the promise of unfulfilled conjecture, bursting with the fecund power of your female power.

In order to overcome the problems which you face, you must realise that your partner is dead. You must learn to eroticise the death of another in order to deal with your problems.

On the other hand I was lying to you. Frank is not dead, neither is Fred, nor is Terry or for that matter any of your other imaginary boyfriends. When did you become a liar Caroline?



Yes this is good.

xtx said...

what about swollen and infected anal folds?

ryan manning said...

A problem is an issue or obstacle which makes it difficult to achieve a desired goal, objective or purpose (of which no examples currently exist).